International Nurses Day 2021 – A Vision for Future Healthcare

12 May 2021

Happy International Nurses Day for 2021! 

This year the theme for International Nurses Day (IND) is a vision for future healthcare. On IND we reflect on the intense strain that the global health crisis had on our healthcare professionals. This strain is being felt all over the world and in regional Australia, where nurses and healthcare practitioners are now in demand more than ever. It is predicted that regional areas will need more than 85,000 nurses, healthcare and social assistance professionals by 2023.  

It is inspiring to see that across the CUC network there are so many students going back to university to become a Nurse or healthcare professional. In 2021, 28% of CUC students are currently studying health-related degree, while 18% are studying Psychology, Social Work & Community Service. Most of our students are already working within their local hospital or healthcare services, contributing positively to the workforce needs of their region.   

We are proud of our healthcare students who are already working in our hospitals and surgeries and have already helped so many of their local community. Across our Centres we have seen an increasing interest in healthcare degrees with CUC Far West having 35% of their student cohort studying health, 22% of students at CUC Western Riverina, 29% at CUC Goulburn, 16% at Snowy Monaro, 38% at CUC Clarence Valley and 24% at CUC North West.   

Student Story 

We spoke to Jayde, a CUC student and future regional nurse, about why country healthcare workers are so critical within our local communities and how we should celebrate them this IND.  

“Country healthcare workers are so important in our town because they must have such a broad skill set and range of knowledge across so many different fields of health. These workers must cover all bases within regional healthcare services. Sometimes theare the only point of call within large a country area. For example, most country Midwives are also Registered Nurses and work on several wards on their shifts. Without these professionals, most communities would not have access to a wide range of health services and quality care.”


I love rural nursing. The community and colleagues that you get to work with are so genuine and welcoming. I am currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Information Technology with the plan to return to my final year ofnursing next year. I am hoping that the skills I acquire from both degrees will assist me in nursing in a technologybased post-pandemic world. hope to be able to use these IT skills to improve communities’ access to health services.


“It is so important that we appreciate our local nurses this International Nurses Day by saying thank you. Nurses are not in the job for praise, they are there to help, they are born helpersSo, saying thanks will resonate with them, and maybe buy them a coffee!

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